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Association of Purchasing and Supply

Welcome to the The Association of Purchasing and Supply APS website.

A.P.S. is a membership based network that provides practical support and services to purchasing and supply chain management practitioners, their employers and in turn the Irish Economy.

We provide assistance and support to individuals and organisations interested in purchasing and supply chain management. In addition, an opportunity to express their views on the profession, ask questions and seek support across a Global network of like minded professionals within materials management, the supply chain and logistics.

By joining the A.P.S. you will be supporting yourself and your organisation through the professional assistance we can provide and the many membership benefits on offer.

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  • Course Overview
  • Course Objective
  • Course Content
  • Who Should Attend
  • Venue and Dates

Warehouse Management and Physical Distribution are important flow control activities in Supply Chain Management.  Regardless of the efficiency with which all preceding activities have been conducted, the W&D operation of any organisation has a major impact in determining the degree to which total customer satisfaction is achieved.

It is important that both direct and indirect employees involved in these activities fully understand their roles and indeed the consequences of substandard performance.  The ability to co-ordinate as a team with other internal functions is crucial to success.


  • To give delegates an overview of best practices.
  • Identify the problems associated with Warehouse Management activities.
  • Highlight the consequences of errors. 
  • Provide a detailed practical procedure to enable delegates to implement 


  • Warehousing and Physical Distribution as part of SCM Function
  • Location of Function on the Organisation Chart
  • The need for Warehousing and Physical Distribution
  • Inventory as Working Capital
              Stockholding costs
              Influences on Stockholding Costs
  • Functions of Warehousing
  • Storage of Materials
              FIFO /  LIFO
  • Maintaining Inventory Accuracy
              Cycle Counting
  • Warehouse Safety
  • Measuring Effectiveness and Efficiency

Who Should Attend
This two day seminar is intended for Warehouse and Distribution staff at manager, supervisor and team leader levels who will benefit from a clear presentation on the issues and implications of effective warehousing and distribution management.

They will gain fundamental training on the working practices, principles and procedure of effective distribution and warehouse management as it relates to their function.

Venue & Dates
Venue: Radisson Hotel, Dublin Airport, Dublin, Ireland
Dates: 21st- 22nd February 2013
Times: 10am - 5pm each day


Venue: Radisson Hotel, Dublin Airport, Dublin, Ireland
Dates: 25th - 26thApril 2013
Times: 10am - 5pm each day

To seek details of further dates please call 353 1 8369685 or email




Becoming a Member of APS

By joining the Association of Purchasing and Supply ( APS ) you are becoming a part of an established network and gaining access to leading edge support and information.

As a member you directly impact  your standing as a professional working towards world class excellence.

Our stated aim is to give purchasing and supply professionals a focused, member-orientated service.

On a regular monthly schedule you be among the first to receive details of both 
The NCB Purchasing Managers Manufacturing Index (PMI) and The NCB Purchasing Managers Services Index.  Join to-day and reap the immediate benefits that are available.

As a corporate member we can also assist you in many ways. Such as with recruitment of the best within our profession. Also your company will receive additional discount benefits for all staff, which more than covers the nominal outlay for your membership fee.

If you are a professional on the move perhaps you could also avail of the Association to assess future employment opportunities? .... we are here to help you.

Additionally we regularly send out information on the latest developments to affect purchasing and supply chain management.

If you are employed within our profession or have staff from whom you want the best professional practice you should be part of the Association for Purchasing and Supply.

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Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Support Services

Quite often the day to day realities of 'ordinary' work can squeeze the time and resources available to achieve the best possible results for your purchasing and supply department.

Deadlines pass and targets are readjusted while all the time costs are continuing to accrue simply because you don't have the available bodies to target important tasks that need to be done.

Members of APS can seek our practical assistance in helping to gain the upper hand on issues that will eventually make the job at hand easier, reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

Including, but not limited to the four areas below we can help. Why not contact APS today...

  • Interim Management Services
  • Purchasing Strategy
  • Inventory Management
  • Up-Skilling

Interim Management Services / Temporary Staffing
If you have yet to discover Interim or Temporary Recruitment, and the very real benefits to be gained from the appropriate use of specialist Temporary Executives or Interim Staff, by reading this you are one step closer.

Happily over-qualified for the job in hand, these senior executives and staff can be in place and working effectively within one or two weeks from your initial request.

Interim managers often prove to be the most cost-effective way of filling unexpected vacancies or managing short-term projects such as company acquisitions or mergers; company rescue; relocation of a factory; installation of a new computer system; launching a new product or researching a new market.

In short, interim managers and staff can be used to manage any process of growth or change in the life of a company that needs specialist skills and experience.

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Purchasing Strategy and Development
We can assist companies with their business plans including the identification, selection and implementation of management change initiatives.

In many instances it is imperative to position the purchasing and supply chain department or function at the centre of a business in order to maximise its contribution to company profitability, whilst at the same time, enabling the business to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

A company's purchasing strategy is often the cornerstone on which the deployment of strategic sourcing is built.

Therefore it is important the function has an agreed mission; is an integral part of a company's overall strategic planning process; has the optimum organisational structure; and has the right people to implement its strategic sourcing objectives.

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Inventory Management / Warehousing / Stock Management
A common problem amongst many companies is the need to improve the performance of their working capital invested in inventory, as well as enhancing their customer service levels. This step change often requires the implementation of simple but effective inventory management control processes.

Winning companies must be fast and nimble enough to react to changes in customer demand and to do so with very little inventory. Therefore it is imperative to know how to reduce inventory levels whilst improving availability.

Our team can help provide strategic solutions by re-engineering inventory investment by utilising a selection of techniques to reduce waste including consignment stocking, JIT principles, merchandising and lean manufacturing we are able to assist clients to increase working capital and improve customer service levels.

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Employee Up-skilling
No purchasing or supply chain department can be effective unless it is staffed with appropriately qualified and experienced people.

It is important that the department is continually updating and extending its knowledge and skills, and has professional people who can promote the function within their own organization.

Without the right balance and the necessary deployment of best practice processes, the function will not perform to its full potential.

Our team can assist with the identification and implementation of educational and training & development needs across the whole purchasing and supply chain spectrum.

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Partnering with the Association of Purchasing and Supply

A partnership with the Purchasing and Supply Association will connect your thoughts to the key decision makers who need it. Benefits of co-operation include.

  • Reach a global, executive, decision-making audience within Supply Chain Management
  • Generate leads for your organisation
  • Enhance your reputation by participating alongside industry specialists within and alongside other leading experts. 
  • Content Contributions
  • Sponsorship Opportunities

Written Content
Appropriate content includes case studies, white papers, and articles which are educational in nature. APS appreciates work that succinctly references actual projects, implementations, examples and lessons learned, but without being sales-oriented. We are also looking for forward-thinking content that questions current practices and standards. We will review and discuss your submission with you and if appropriate, post it with a complete author’s listing, affiliation and a link to a site where appropriate.

Seminar Speakers
Training Seminars effectively leverage your valuable time – enabling you to “meet” with a specific audience. We are seeking experts who are qualified to lead seminars in a variety of purchasing and supply chain topics. We produce the event, administer registration, assist with slide development, and publicise the event on our site and to APS members. 

Publisher Partnerships
The executive membership of the Association for Purchasing and Supply appreciates following the latest developments, and publications in the field. We encourage publishers to consider full or partial article and book publication on We are actively seeking relationships where publishers and members equally benefit.

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Business Topic/Industry Sponsorships
Aligning yourself with a Supply Chain Management topic on is a compelling way to associate your organization with thought-leadership in the field. Readers will learn from you (via submitted content ) in a safe, informative environment and given the opportunity to learn more about your specific products or services. You will receive a consistent stream of qualified leads, and positioning as a market leader

APS - Update Sponsorship
Our news Updates are distributed to a growing number of Supply Chain executives, who read and click through to articles and important links. Our sponsorship opportunity provides your organisation with an opportunity to consistently reach a target market while consolidating and developing new business opportunities. 

Co-marketing Ventures
If you share the goals of bringing valuable information to a global, purchasing and supply chain executive, decision making audience. Exchanging links, articles, or working on mutual campaigns is an excellent means of expanding reach at a low cost. Contact us to discuss co-marketing possibilities.

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Purchasing and Supply Solution Journal

Purchasing and Supply Solutions is the official journal for the Association of Purchasing and Supply. Its focus is on promoting practical and useful editorial content relevant to the purchasing and supply profession. 

It can provide you and your team the opportunity to communicate information relevant to the development of operations internally and externally.  Also it could provide key staff a platform, from which they may strengthen their role as strategic contributors to the development of purchasing and supply chain management within your organisation.

The opportunity exists for members of APS to highlight their department’s role within the company, in informing suppliers, in boosting staff morale and in getting due credit for innovation and achievement.

All editorial, including profiles, maintain a very high editorial standard. And as such APS provides the fullest support in making sure that your profile would be something you could happily take pride in, and distribute internally and externally with every confidence.

While the importance and benefits of contributing content to the APS journal cannot be underestimated it is key for you to know that nothing is published without proprietary clearance from contributors.

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